International Experience

covering Middle East, Gulf and Africa

We Provide


MSE conducts research services supporting transformation programs.

Research includes benchmarking similar practices and organizations locally and internationally, market analysis to products and services features and trends, as well as customers and employees satisfaction surveys.

Our research approach comprises 12 key steps:

Identify Research Needs
  • Understand business needs, objectives and topics
  • Define research methodology (Survey, Market Study, Benchmarking, etc.)
  • Define targeted population and sampling approach
  • Design research tools (Questions, Surveys, Templates, Online Support, Communication Support, etc.)
Execute Research
  • Inform stakeholders and provide training to research participants
  • Send invitations and links to concerned population
  • Organize and follow up data collection
  • Conduct validation workshops
Analyze Results
  • Sort, clean , validate and prepare data
  • Analyze data and extract findings
  • Draw conclusions and recommendations
  • Develop reports and communicate results with stakeholders

We use the latest online technologies in cooperation with partners to maximize the researches’ effectiveness and results. Our target is to equip the client with reliable, comprehensive and up-to-date data supporting his decision making process with factual approaches and tangible inputs.