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HR Services

As an HR expert, MSE provides outsourced HR services replacing internal capabilities with optimized quality, covering most of its customers HR needs in terms of Recruitment, Training Management and Employees Performance Management.

Outsourcing non-core business activities to specialist firms such as MSE, provides an organization with many benefits:

  • Focus efforts on managing and investing in the core business
  • Optimize quality and performance using highly skilled practitioners
  • Continually obtain expertize and innovative ideas
  • Standardize support across the organization
  • Transform fixed costs into variable costs
  • Reduce risks of having heavy organizational structures

Our outsourcing approach comprises 12 key steps:

Identify HR Services Needs
  • Understand business needs and objectives
  • Identify potential outsourcing services and fitness with context
  • Develop outsourcing strategy and roadmap
  • Set target performance levels
Design HR Services
  • Define outsourced services features
  • Design processes, interfaces and systems
  • Develop tools and templates
  • Provide training to users
Deliver HR Services and Measure Achievements
  • Deploy outsourced services
  • Provide continuous support and coaching
  • Monitor implementation and receive feedback from stakeholders
  • Continuously improve processes, systems and tools

Our HR Services philosophy is to provide high quality and state of the art services with the latest industry trends in-line with the customer’s strategic and operational objectives