International Experience

covering Middle East, Gulf and Africa


Every organization, whether public or private, should develop and follow a clear strategy that describes where this organization should be going and how to get there. Strategies can be at different levels of the organization and can cover different topics such as marketing, products, services, organization, finance, etc.

Organizations seeking to develop and implement strategies typically face challenges such as:

  • Collecting all needed and accurate data to assess the environment
  • Identifying proper benchmarks
  • Identifying relevant strategic options
  • Establishing creative and consistent strategies
  • Identifying risks
  • Cascading and ensuring the understanding of the corporate strategy down to lowest levels
  • Communicating strategies to all stakeholders and ensuring buy-in
  • Ensuring strategy execution
  • Establishing efficient dashboards to measure strategy’s effectiveness

MSE has a broad experience in setting, implementing, managing and measuring strategies. The services include:

  • Developing strategies at various levels of the organization
  • Developing strategic and business plans
  • Designing and implementing Balanced Scorecards and Key Performance Indicators
  • Designing and implementing Program Management Offices (PMO)